Food Safety and Health

The TTIP deal threatens the importation of foods that are eaten in the US but have hitherto been banned here.

-Beef and pork treated with growth hormones

-Chicken washed in chlorine to compensate for lower US production standards

-Fruit and vegetables treated with endocrine-disrupting pesticides

-Global threat to biodiversity

-Genetically engineered and modified foods: the majority of the food eaten in the US is genetically engineered and modified.

Also, TTIP will facilitate the export/import of similar foods such as pork and beef, in both directions across the Atlantic, as ‘trade’. This is unnecessarily detrimental to the environment.

In addition, the US, with lower energy costs, more mass farming, GE and GM production, is likely to have the market advantage if US foods currently banned in the EU are allowed in. The TTIP will be detrimental to EU farmers.

STOPTTIP Covert Operation

The Secret Deal that Threatens the Food on Your Plate